For Couples who want to carry their own baby soon

Dear Parent-to-be,
What you are probably thinking now is;
“Hmmm, here is another one claiming to help us. Just like the previous ones too that eventually did not work out”
O yes, that’s fine!
It happens when one has tried different things that claim to perform wonder only to end up not working.
In fact, in some cases, some of these treatments and interventions even cause more damages than helping.
We know this because we have worked with several women and couples on this case of infertility at Natural Herbs and we are aware of the different experiences


If any doctor tells you that you will never give birth in this life, tell them it’s a lie because God has the final say.See, what I am about to reveal to you on this page is one of the newest and highly EFFECTIVE infertility solution that works like MAGIC.Since this product came into the market, at least 300 couple’s in Nigeria have given birth to babies ranging from Twins to Quadruplets.….and that INCLUDES ME!

Discover the New Holistic Organic Therapy
That Restores Your Fertility and Happiness in a Matter of Weeks!


This An Open Letter To Every Couple Searching For The Fruit Of The Womb And Seriously Trying To Become Joyful Mothers And Fathers Of Children Even if:

In Your Late 40’sHave Tubal ObstructionHave High Levels of FSHHave PCOS or EndometriosisHave Uterine Fibroids or Uterus ScarringHave Ovarian Cysts Or ‘Lazy Ovaries’Have A History of Miscarriages or Infections

See How God Changed My Story…

God has wiped away my tears of 23 solid years. He has put my mockers and enemies to shame. He has turned my sorrows into joy.This is how it all started.My name is Mrs. Chiagozie Anwulika and I got married in the year 1993 at the tender age of just 24 years.I was tagged a barren witch who they claimed had used her children for moneysacrifice because I and my husband and well to do. There is no rumor I did not hear about me.At age 55, I could not boast of one child I could call my own. My mates had given birth to children who were already in the university but here I was at age 55 spending 2.7 million naira on IVF in other to conceive.Menopause had long caught up with me.My Vagina was as dry as sand because I was no longer menstruating neither was I ovulatingMy Vagina was as dry as sand because I was no longer menstruating neither was I ovulatingSome said it was because of the numerous abortions I did in my youth that was the cause of my barrenness.Most of my fellow women who had since long giving birth and had children who were adults were looking down on me.At an elderly age of 55, some people where addressing me as “A Girl” instead of a woman because I had not given birth.There is no Pastor I did not visit. Both the real and fake. I had vowed that I would try my best to have a child if my own at all cost. This made me desperate as hell. No mountain I didn’t climb. There is no prophet that my husband and I had not seen. There is no Tea & Agbo I didn’t drink.If not that I and my husband where born again Christians, we were once tempted to do fetish things in order to have a child of our own.There were times that we would look at ourselves and how old we were and begin to cry asking God why he had chosen to torment us with childlessness.When we looked at each other, seeing the grey hair and wrinkles we would begin to cry in hopelessness because it looked like an impossibility to give birth again. We tried and tried numerous IVF that never worked. Spent millions with no results.At a point I almost gave up the fight until this very beautiful day, the day God used to turn my story around for good.My cousin who knew what I was passing through suddenly called me, shouting about this NATURAL FERTILITY BOOSTER that everyone was talking about.According to her, a 67 year old woman who had given up hope of ever giving birth….suddenly conceived and gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.This same fertility booster” had helped over 500 women give birth without spending money on IVF.This fertility booster was so scarce I never believed it when I heard it, because I had heard all these fake stories and I had tried many things without getting results.

The Most Beautiful Thing About It Was That They Had Treatments For Both The Men & Women, Plus It Works Like Wildfire Even If You Are Past Childbearing Age.

On hearing all these beautiful testimonies, they all looked unbelievable because all my life I had being hearing doctors say thatonce you hit age 50, childbearing is a risk and is impossible.

But My Sister Forced Me To Follow Her To See This 62 Year Old Woman Who Had Given Birth To A Bouncing Baby Girl.

I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, after all you don’t know how God will use someone to bless you. Long story short, when I met this woman and what she revealed to me changed my life forever. I heard her story and all the sufferings her and her husband went  through until she discovered this “NATURAL HERBS FERTILITY BOOSTER.According to her and her husband, they had lost all the hope of ever being parents, she had passed menopause long time ago and thought she would die childless until her sister heard about the  Natural Herbs Fertility Booster and told her to give it a try She used it and the most unbelievable thing happened. She began to see her menses even though she was over age 60.Like play like play, she met her husband and today she is a mother. She gave birth to a bouncing baby girl that shocked everyone around her.Her story went viral on social media, newspapers all around Nigeria carried it and because of her testimony, people began to praise God and and give their lives to Christ.After my encounter with her, MY HUSBAND AND I HAD HOPE AGAIN AND PEACE OF MIND.We began tohave hope that if God could use that Natural Herbs Fertility to surprise this woman with a child at age 62, then our own is not impossible with God. I contacted her sister and she gave us the contacts of the suppliers, we got the Natural Herbs Fertility and we began to use it for ourselves. Buying the 2 months treatment each for ourselves. There wasn’t much difference, felt like every other drug we had previously taken. We where almost discouraged as usual but we decided to go about my morning life.  But one morning, I noticed I woke up by 7:23am as against my normal 5:00am wake up time. It seemed awkward.  Even my husband noticed, but chose to keep quiet about it. Few days after then, I noticed my eyes started twitching and my legs were dragging because I was feeling a lot weaker than usual. I had to go for malaria test and I was negative. The pharmacist suggested that I do a pregnancy test because those kinda seemed like pregnancy symptoms.  I remember laughing my ribs out, but somehow I accepted to do the test… Lo and behold!! Like play like play!!! I Had Conceived….. What a miracle I kept observing myself. It wasn’t up to 3 weeks after then that I started to notice a baby bump and morning sickness. My husband almost went mad with celebrations. His God has finally put his enemies to shame.He couldn’t hold his joy even in his office. I kept getting congratulatory calls and WhatsApp messages from his friends and colleagues.I immediately registered for ante-natal with a private maternity clinic.5 months down the line, I went for a scan and I cannot explain the joy that filled my heart when the doctor said I was pregnant with a set of sextuplets.The whole hospital heard my shout of joy, I danced, I cried, I was screaming uncontrollably. God had decided to wipe away my 23 years of sorrow.I carried my babies for 9 months safely, no complications. Today I am a mother of  6 children. I can not explain the joy I feel when I see my children smiling at me while sucking my breasts.It is breathtaking. I have unconditional love for my children and I am grateful to God.

Today I am a joyful mother of children but I can never forget my days of barrenness andmiscarriages.

I know how painful it can be for you as a woman. I know what it feels like go through the pains of labor only to find out that the baby died. I know there are numerous women out there who want to carry their own bundle of testimonies in their arms too so I decided to help by introducing this ““Natural Herbs Fertility Booster”” to every woman still trying to conceive.Your testimony can be the next in line if you take what I am about to show you seriously. Good News For Every Woman Who Wants To Become A Joyful Mother Of Children In 2020I Will Give You The Full Details Of This “NATURAL HERBS FERTILITY BOOSTER” That Will Prepare Your Body For Conception, Helping You Give Birth To A Strong And Healthy Baby Within The Next 9 Months.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not just ordinary hype! 

What I am about to show you has not only helped me give birth to a healthy set of Twins but has helped over 500 women in Nigeria and diaspora give birth to Children ranging from twins to triplets within 1 year of this fertility booster’s existence WITH FULL PROOF.


 NATURAL HERB FERTILITY BOOSTER (“High Potency Fertility Booster Herb Strictly For Women Who Want To Get Pregnant Fast”)

This “Natural Herb Fertility Booster”  helped me conceive and give birth after 20 wasted years of barrenness and miscarriages.

There are already over 500 verifiable testimonials of women who used this herb and gave birth.

Some gave birth to one, some twins, some triplets.

Over 500 women (with testimonials) can’t be wrong about 1 product.

It couldn’t have been a lie… I even had to check for side-effects, but till the point where I used it, there was none recorded.

Your case wouldn’t be any different.

Let me show you how exactly each of this fertility booster herb will eradicate infertility in your life as a woman, once and for all.

                            NATURAL HERB FERTILITY BOOSTER



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